About GoNet

GoNet is the first FinTech company and currently the only e-wallet operator regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia in Sabah.

GoNet app is designed to solve everyday challenges with technology as we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across country. Today, this super app has evolved from just offering GoNetPay mobile payment e-Wallet to bill payment, sports facilities venue booking, visitors registration and check-in, event or functions venue booking, properties management system as well as ordering goods and service across the platform.

Today, we are more than 50,000 users registered GoNet account, with more than 300 local companies registered as merchants and approximately 5,000 product listing on our eCommerce Platform.

This journey builds on our ever-present dedication to creating seamless experiences for users, and providing the socio-economy that impacts thousands of our partners (operators, merchants and service providers).

We believe that with GoNet, and continuous technological innovations, there is always a way to solve everyday problems with positive approach.

The 3 GoNet Pillars


We’re regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. We take your account’s safety and security very seriously.


We provide solution to solve your problem. “Your problems are our problems”


We continuously improve our services to provide more convenient for GoNet users and partners.