About Us

GoNet app is designed to solve everyday challenges with technology as we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across country. Today, this super app has evolved from just offering GoNetPay mobile payment e-Wallet to bill payment,  sports facilities venue booking , event or functions venue booking as well as ordering goods and service across the platform.

Our Product

Easier With GoNetPay Account

Daily transaction made easier and hassle-free with GoNetPay.

Book sport facilities online

To get your sport hobby and exercise venue
available today.

Your event venue close to you

Choose date and location for your event available today.

General Insurance available in
our platform

Safeguard yourself, your family and your fixed asset protection with just a few simple clicks. Buy online today!

Paying bills with GoBills brings you peace of mind

It’s easier, more comfortable, and your bills will be paid on time.

Customer Service

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